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Hello new friend, my name is Kimberly Linville. I’m in my 40’s and have lived in 4 very different states and seen many different types of cultures and ways of living. I’ve traveled to other countries and had experiences people only dream about. I have been married roughly 20 years and have 2 children. One of each a girl and a boy! I grew up in San Gabriel in Southern California. I loved this area because it was a melting pot of a variety of races, cultures, different income levels and only a short drive to the beach or the mountains. City life was the way for me but always dreamed about having hobbies that I couldn’t do in a city. However, I always felt this gave me experiences into different cultural lifestyles to be able to relate to a variety people.

After I got married I lived for a short time in Oregon. It was beautiful, but my husband and I didn’t have kids yet. The world was our oyster. We took weekend trips to different areas and found ourselves entranced by Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Beautiful trees adorned mountain sides that were running into a head on collision with the lakes. Salt and pepper colors sprinkled tree lines in the fall. The people were amazing and we couldn’t help but plant our own tree roots in this fabulous area. After ten years of working and beginning our legacy with kids, the lack of family living near us and finances took us on another journey to Guthrie, Oklahoma.

I’m not sure we are going to stay here forever, but I will tell you that after 4 states I’ve seen differences from calling “soda”, soda or pop. Or do you call a small “creek”, creek or a crick? Growing up I didn’t grow up with livestock at the end of my block or chickens in my neighbor’s yard. I grew up with, “be careful and make sure you lock your car tight” or “be careful in certain areas because of gangs”.

Some of those situations are far from me now as I don’t think about them all the time. In Oklahoma I need to be careful I don’t accidentally drive over an Armadillo at night or step on a lousy scorpion. YUCK…

The beginning of my working career like many others began in Corporate America. Many years went by and I began having children when I was 27 and 30. I quit working full-time to be a full-time mom! I did manage to squeeze in buying a business that was established called, “Perfection Rethreads for Kids”. A quaint store selling consignment items focused on children. It was amazing as it taught me independence from Corporate America. It also allowed me to bring some extra money home and I could take my daughter with me to work.

Then two major tragedies happened in one month. The first I needed to shut down a great mom and pop store that had tons of longevity. I sold everything to this really sweet gal who purchased all my inventory and fixtures. The second tragedy happened almost after that. The strip mall where this gal sat up her new business caught on fire and everything burned to the ground. So all my memories were shut down with the store, but then all the material items burned away as well. To this day I’m still dumbfounded how fast something can change.

When I arrived in Oklahoma I started an on-line store called kimmyspace. It’s an eBay store that is similar to what I used to do without the very long tiresome hours. Which brings me to current day. Exploring the world of technology. I currently still run kimmyspace as I launch Chicken Scratch DIY.

Along the road of my life, I have learned many fun things from how to make soap, gardening, canning, scrap booking, home improvements to business endeavors. I love figuring out how to do things myself. In Idaho, I lived in a home that was built-in 1902 with tons of charm, but it needed some serious work and updates. When my kitchen floors needed new tiles, I laid down a new sub-floor. When we needed dry walling, I would put it up and texture the walls. When my living room needed the wood floors to be refurbished, I did them by hand and refinished them. If my dishwasher or dryer breaks I don’t usually call anyone for help. I try to research it on-line and order parts then do the work. My toilet breaks or leaks, I fix it. My problem is I’m not heavy enough to push the toilet all the way down after replacing the seal. Random I know! Bottom line, I don’t let the project scream to me, “call for help”. I like the challenge and I love the money I save. My next endeavor is this website. The only call I’ve made is the building of my logo. I can’t wait until it’s done! I want to see what I can do myself and if something can be explained easily, I will put together easy tutorials through YouTube or I will make simple step by step easy procedures to walk you through your projects. I also do tons of research. Please if you see links anywhere on my site and you are encouraged from it, please support these links by clicking on them. They are there from my research and not just randomly promoting items. They are there because I truly feel it’s a good value whether financially or just a fantastic product. This will also help me to keep paying for this site for future information. My goal is to show you how simple some of these things really are. I will help to take the intimidation our of your frustrations!

Thank you for joining me on this journey of taking my past and blending it with our futures. If anything I have said inspires you, please leave a comment. I do read and monitor these as you are my lifeline and love to make new friends. Let’s DIY together! Don’t forget to subscribe to get the most current inspiration!