Amazon Prime Review and How to Get a Free Month of Membership

Should I get Amazon Prime? I promise to give you this answer quickly!  When I started Chicken Scratch DIY, I realized right away that I needed to purchase some new items to begin my business. It was essential to have a higher quality camera, upgraded camera lenses, lighting equipment, studio sized photography backdrops, microphones, and so forth. It was a huge checklist to establish and it took many weeks of researching the various components. I kept coming back to Amazon for their reviews, and other similar websites where people have given their personal testimonies and recommendations along with reviews of the pros and cons they had experienced.

Let me be honest, I was exhausted from research and just wanted the best bang for the buck. The one common factor I discovered was the cost of shipping was going to kill me no matter what I purchased.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a promotion for Amazon Prime to receive a free month of trial membership to sample–and this included free two day shipping on purchases! I thought that at the very least I could utilize the free month offer and take advantage of free shipping; and figured I would then just cancel the service after my free month of membership. However, after jumping in and getting Amazon Prime it open up the door to so much more. I decided to keep Amazon Prime!

So, here is a list of great features and what Amazon Prime has to offer:

1.  Free Month of Membership!  The first promotion they have going on is the free month of membership. If you wish to cancel your free membership, you just simply click, “Do Not Continue”. You will have access to Amazon Prime until your date that is listed on the left-hand side of the “Manage Your Prime Membership Page”. If you choose to keep it, Amazon Prime will automatically enroll you for one year of membership. Annual membership is $99.00. One other thing to note: if you miss this cut-off date and do not use their services, you can receive a full refund. However if you do use it, there are NO refunds. I really like how they have the membership set-up and makes it so you don’t feel like you have a crazy contract. It’s simple and straight forward.

2.  Amazon Free Two-Day Shipping and Free Same-Day Delivery! This is a big time budget saver, but as with anything there may be some restrictions depending on your desired purchases. You can easily check out Amazon to find details to see if your items are eligible.

3.  Amazon Prime Instant Video! Huge library of movies, TV shows and kids entertainment to stream for free.

4.  Amazon Prime Music! Access to hundreds of Prime Playlists and millions of songs.

5.  Amazon Prime Photos! Unlimited and secure photo storage in Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

6. Amazon Prime Pantry! My mom loves this. She is in a wheelchair and can’t get out to the store much.  She can purchase many of her favorite canned and dry goods, pet food and supplies, etc. and get them shipped right to her front door for a flat delivery rate of $5.99 for each Prime Pantry box. It really helps solve this issue and truly benefits her, as it can anyone with limited access to stores or just doesn’t want to bother with it.  You can also buy in bulk quantities or obtain hard to find items, and save money in the process by getting them in the Prime Pantry.

7.  Amazon Prime Early Access! Receive 30-minute early access to select Lightening Deals on

8.  Kindle’s Lending Library and Kindle First! I have two school-aged children and they both have Kindles.  The access to the huge lending library alone makes Amazon Prime worth it. If the book you need is not available for lending, you can also purchase many books through Amazon for a fraction of the cost of hard cover books.  Kindle First offers early access to download a new book every month for free from Kindle First Picks!

9.  Amazon Elements! Amazon has introduced it’s own “house brand” of every day items to help people.  They’ve started with their own high quality household items such as diapers and baby wipes, and much more is on the way.  It’s definitely something to take a deeper look into as they further develop the line!

10. Membership Sharing! Include four members living in your household to receive the shipping benefits of a paid Prime membership at no extra cost. Another big bonus is that if you have a small business like I do, four of your employees or co-workers may also shop with your corporate account.

I personally use Amazon Prime on a regular basis enjoying the perk of shipping items to my house for free.  I’ve discovered that this applies even to large or really heavy items that would generally cost anywhere from thirty to sixty dollars to ship to my home. With only a few purchases, It quickly became clear that with all the money I was saving from Shipping fees alone, this rapidly made up the difference for purchasing my membership for the entire year, essentially paying for itself.

On top of all those benefits I can now also store all my digital pictures to the Amazon Cloud, with unlimited access for viewing and retrieving them.  This is a convenient and secure to add some backup to your precious photos and reduce the risk of losing them!  My kids are excited about this feature and can also use the library.  All of these things plus so much more are available.

So if you’re wondering “Is this a good value?”, my answer is ABSOLUTELY– YES without a doubt!  I think of Amazon Prime like paying for a small utility bill.  I wish our garbage pickup service was this affordable!  Amazon Prime is a staple in our family, make it one in yours too!

Be sure to hit the link just to the left and sign up for your free month.   Hurry up and take advantage of great deals now and stock up for back to school every year, birthdays or plan ahead for the holidays to come. It will be here before we know it! Plus you can watch your favorite shows as you shop! It’s a win, win!

If you have any additional information or questions please leave a comment below.

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