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Kimberly Linville is a mother of two and has been married for almost 20 years. She has owned a variety of businesses from children's consignment to selling online. Now she is diving deeper into eCommerce by exploring all that it has to offer through Chicken Scratch DIY a blog. She resides in Oklahoma but has lived in California, Oregon and Idaho giving a broad perspective into different cultures and environments.


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Chicken Singing Jesus Loves Me

  You won’t believe your eyes when you see this.  Serenity, my rooster was getting picked on.  I brought him in for a snuggle and he began to sing.  Check this out!  

Chicken Adult Coloring Book Colored Pencils

5 Reasons Adult Coloring Books are so Popular! A Fun Friday Review

Why are adult coloring books so popular and one of the hottest trends?  Most of us associate coloring with little kids practicing their motor skills and learning what red, yellow, blue and green look like. Adults are the ones reminding children to color inside the lines.  Or so it seemed… The trend of Adult Coloring […]