Best Christmas Lights in Edmond, Oklahoma! –McIntire Christmas Lights!

Are you getting excited for Christmas festivities?  It’s hard for many people when Thanksgiving hasn’t come yet, but for one group of people getting started before Thanksgiving is a must!

Setting up Christmas Lights

Brave Men on the 20 Foot Tall Ladder!


Sample of the Food to Motivate the Crew!

What do you get when you have a work crew of 20 exceptional men, give them a 20 foot tall ladder that looks really cool from the ground but is super scary from the top, (if you can get the men to admit it…) and throw in tons of delicious food and drinks?

The final result???  You get the infamous McIntire Christmas Light Display!

If you are new to the Edmond, Oklahoma area or if your head has been in a cloud these last few years and you are finally learning about it, this should be a family tradition you don’t want to miss out on.   The best part of this event is that it is 100% free to everyone!

If your family loves driving around and looking at Christmas lights, you do not want to miss this location!  Bring some comforting hot cocoa or your favorite coffee, bundle up the whole family and drive your car over to 4102 Calm Waters Drive in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Entice your family with a great tradition and make some new memories as you watch a Christmas light show extravaganza at the McIntire Christmas Light Display!  Pull your car over and tune your radio to 99.7 FM.  Listen along as you watch the lights dance to “traditional and not so traditional Christmas music” –as Chris McIntire states–to over 103,00 twinkling LED lights that are synchronized to music.   The show last for about approximately 18 minutes.

pssst…get some shopping done below for the holidays!!!  ∨ ∨ ∨ ∨ ∨

Chris McIntire, the master man behind the show is forever improving on the display every year since he established the show in 2012.  Have you ever wondered how someone jumps right in and gives us all an amazing appetite for eye candy for the Christmas season?  For the person that is drawn to do something like this, it has to have a back story.  “An order was placed for several thousand lights back in 2011 with a friend and I ended up keeping them for myself and so the story began…”  Chris said.  One thing led to another and here we are now!

Christmas Lights

Work Crew that Helped Set-Up the McIntire Display!

With his amazing wife supporting his decision and along with help from his friends volunteering their time to make this come together make this a reality for all of us to enjoy.  Having a network of people to support you is a key factor in the equation.  To make it even better,  the show costs very little to run since LED lights consume very little energy and they are rarely all on at the same moment.  Approximately $75.00 a season is all it takes to run the show!  An amazing investment into the hearts of all of us!

Have you ever wondered the amount of prep work and time that goes into setting up a local Christmas display that is starting to get national attention?  Let me tell you it will blow you away.  It’s not just time and money.  It’s the people who give of their heart and energy to pull it together for all of our enjoyment.  It usually takes well over two weeks to build it, but McIntire had big goals for this year.  The roof work was set-up ahead of time by a crew.  With some methodical planning, the new goal is to complete his vision of installation in only one day with a crew of approximately 20 folks that are excited to see that goal met.

Tricks for Decorating your House

Original Rails with the Mock Rails Wrapped in Lights!

Christmas Lights

Original Rails with the Mock Rails Wrapped in Lights From the Other Angle!

I had the privilege of seeing these men in action and working hard.  Chris is very clever in his organizing and setting up his light display.  My favorite part is the porch.  He bought railings that look very similar to the railings that he currently has on his front porch.  He pre-wrapped the lights around the faux railings and the crew was just able to position them on his porch against the existing railings and secure them into place.  From a distance they look like they are attached to the rest of the porch, but the secret is that the normal railings weren’t decorated at all.  Throw in some zip ties and extension cords and they are ready to go! Using these types of useful tricks saves time and energy and can be reused year after year.  There were other cleaver tricks he did, but I can’t give away all the secrets!!!

I am proud to announce that these men succeeded in finishing their installation in one day.  Thanks to many hard working men and some cleaver thinking the job got done!

McIntire Christmas Light Show

Goal – Completed Work in One Day!

The Big Reveal!

Each year Chris will offer his own private drum roll as Chevy Chase did in the movie “Christmas Vacation”, with a light show that will leave you in awe! The show will run from 6:00pm to 10:00pm on weeknights, and from 6:00pm to 11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  The show will run every night until New Years Eve when the lights will go out until the following year.

Here is the 2014 light show presentation matched with the song “Carol of the Bells” to give you an idea of what awaits you and your family!



McIntire Light Show

Chris McIntire Posing with His Donated Sign for the McIntire Light Show.

Special thanks to all the men and families that helped to make this possible. Special thanks for the new signage donated this year and what a wonderful addition this makes to the light display!

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