Cappuccino Connection and Simple Lantern – A “FUN FRIDAY” Review

Rosina Motta - Cappuccino Connection & Simple Lantern

Rosina Motta – Cappuccino Connection & Simple Lantern

Grab a coffee and a warm blanket, snuggle up and let me share an upcoming site…  Cappuccino Connection!  Owned by Rosina Motta, Cappuccino Connection says it all!  Every time you have that tasty hot cup of deliciousness, take a moment to sit down and read and you will connect through engaging heart warming stories, life hack tips, money saving suggestions and delicious recipes.

In addition to Cappuccino Connection, Rosina also owns Simple Lantern.   This site is your one stop shop for creating a customized resumé along with personalized career coaching so you can effectively prepare to land that perfect job.  Simple Lantern is also a great resource on Consultant Event Planning reviews, where she hits that niche market to help provide you with referrals to make sure you know what you’re are getting.  Whatever your needs, everything is customizable and tailored to meet your expectations.  Rosina gives you that one on one special attention you need and deserve at an affordable rate.

Who is Rosina Motta?  With over 17 years of network consulting, she is a resourceful woman with a strong education background in business administration and human resources.   One of her primary goals while attending school was actively focusing on networking.  She has an amazing talent for networking and has applied that level of expertise to her websites and also being the queen of social marketing.  Rosina is blessed to have an amazing husband that supports her entrepreneurial endeavors.

In addition, she was “raised with a generation gap”, as she says, and this has shaped her views and opinions on life.  This gives her an edge and a uniqueness to her websites that doesn’t necessarily follow all the trends; and I believe this makes the pair of websites stand out and shine.  Check them both out and be sure to subscribe!