Day 3 – Problems: How to Manage DIY Projects by Setting Goals

Chicken Scratch DIY Offers Free Downloadable Goal Worksheet for Do It Yourself Projects.

Goal Worksheet for Do It Yourself Projects.

Day 3 – Running into problems and effectively managing your time are never fun with any DIY project.  While setting goals is essential for better results, also remember to give yourself permission to be flexible in case of possible setbacks.  Think of it as having a Plan A and Plan B.  You can download and print our completely free PDF GOAL WORKSHEET to get you started to prioritize your goals.

If  you haven’t set goals for your DIY project or if you are making a chicken coop, take a moment and do that now; it will really help in the long run.

This worksheet is very simple to use and designed to be basic in concept.  It is set-up with 3 columns, place your strategy ideas in the first column labeled “PLAN A”. Leave the other two columns available to modify your plan as you work with your project.

In the center column you will see “ADJUSTMENTS”.  This column is for set-backs, unexpected problems or if you decide to change your project ideas.

The last column “PLAN B”, is where you can write in your new concepts and final plans.

Today’s goals are simple. Here is my “Plan A” which I would put in the first column:

  1. Set the converted playhouse that is now the official hen house onto the new decking.
  2. Cut a small section for the chickens to enter and exit the hen house.
  3. Secure the hen house to the decking.
Kid's Playhouse Recycled into a Hen House

Turning a Kid’s Playhouse into a Hen House

On Day 3 – Goal “PLAN A”:

My husband helped me move the converted playhouse back onto the decking.   I didn’t secure it yet because I wanted to check all the boards first and make sure they were all solid and sturdy.  I started to clear some of the wood where I wanted my chickens to enter and exit the hen house.

Goal number 2, still on “PLAN A”:

I started to cut the boards to create the opening where I wanted the chickens to enter and exit.

Rotted Wood Removed from the Hen Hhouse

Removing Rotted Wood From the Hen House.

Termite and rotted wood in hen house.

Close-Up of the Wood Removed From the Hen House.








Immediately after I removed the wood I discovered the ugliest creatures…termites.  You can see the white termites in the picture below.  Termites are extremely destructive to wood, and a wooden structure like this can be a giant playground of timber “food” for these guys.  You can read more about termites here thanks to

termite infestation


If you ever wondered what termites look like, here are a couple more pictures to help you see them a little closer.  For the record, these were living in my children’s playhouse before I started the chicken coop and this disgusted me!


chicken coop, chicken house, termite infestation, termites

Close-up View of a Termite.

chicken coop, chicken house, termite infestation, termites

Up-Close Look at a Termite Infestation.

Barely on Goal 2, and I had to switch to my column on my worksheet for “Adjustments”.

First step was to remove the damaged wood and fumigate the termites.  I took measurements for the wood that I wanted to replace and took a quick inventory of my needs.

Looking back on Day 2  of my progress I mentioned, “You will be using new as well!  There’s really no way around it.”  I was saying you need to use new and recycled materials.

At this point, Goal 3 on “PLAN A” was completely dismissed.  It was not a good idea to go forward with this since I had to replace some of the wood.

I turned my attention on my worksheet to “PLAN B”.  I had to run to my local hardware store and purchased several new boards to replace the termite infested wood.  Yes it slowed down my day with progress outside, but it didn’t discourage me too much since I already put my “PLAN B” into motion.

I realize you could work on your DIY project without a worksheet; however I have found if you keep your ideas structured and it will help you to stay on track and not miss critical key points throughout your own personal journey. It’s also fun to document your progress!

Another idea is to take pictures as you go along.  I would love for people to post their projects of chicken coops in the comments below.  Let us be the first to pat you on the back and celebrate your hard work!  Hopefully you won’t have termites!

Don’t forget to download our GOAL WORKSHEET.

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kimKimberly Linville is the owner of Chicken Scratch DIY.  A wife of almost 20 years, mother of two children ages 10 and 13, and chicken enthusiast with a passion for DIY and photography.