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Tweedle Dee Our Precious Ameraucana!

Chicken Scratch DIY is designed to empower anyone to find easy instructions for any Do It Yourself project around the home!  We include reviews, tips and tutorials to help you out.

Join us in our journey beginning from scratch on how to DIY your way through a chicken coop and a hen house. Not sure where to start. Allow us to help in that area.

This blog is sorted by three main categories:

First – Chicken Blog (all things related to chickens, chicks and coops)

Second – Around the Home DIY Projects

Third – Kid Friendly DIY Projects

Also find the menus above to select a break down of more elaborate information relating to the above categories. We include Travel Tips, Recipes, and Fun Friday that includes reviews and to help you make smart choices.

Never miss out by subscribing with us and join in our adventures.  Everyday there’s something new around here at Chicken Scratch DIY!  Check out the forums to ask any questions. If you want to see a particular tutorial on a DIY project, let me know. We will explore and simplify them for you!


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