What is EBATES? Do You Like Getting Cash Back From Purchases?

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What is EBATES? Do you like earning cash back on all on-line purchases? Sometimes using on-line programs seem like more a hassle.  I know…It’s easy to just go directly to your favorite website and shop directly from them, but I encourage you to pause and consider this program for a moment.

Here’s the breakdown:

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Many of us have credit cards or bank cards that offer great deals allowing us to earn cash back on select purchases.  Have you ever had a deposit into your bank account from buying some clothes from your favorite store and you don’t know how the deposit got there?  No, it wasn’t from a return, but from a promotion to earn cash back.  I’ve had it happen and I absolutely love it!!!  EBATES functions the same way.  It’s easy, and you choose your deals!  EBATES makes on-line shopping with cash back easy for you!

EBATES has over 1,800 affiliated retailers.  Some examples are Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy’s, eBay and deep discounted online sites like Living Social and Groupon.  It’s easy,

  1.  First sign-up through the link below for EBATES.
  2. Then click on a store to find out what percentage you make back in select categories pertaining to your favorite retailer.
  3. Go ahead and click on the store and it will immediately take you directly to that particular store’s site.  EBATES will automatically be linked with the store you chose.
  4. Get all your shopping done.
  5. Once you finalize your purchase and your item is shipped, the percentage is applied to your EBATES account.
  6. All Done!

Each day, EBATES will offer a feature store with an added bonus.  Just log on to EBATES and it will tell you what the daily deal is!  With holidays and birthday’s this makes shopping through EBATES exciting and fun so you actually earn cash back on qualified purchases all year round.

EBATES will then make deposits into PayPal or mail you a check once every three months depending on what you choose.  A third option is to donate the monies to an organization.  If you have earned less than $5.01 it will carryover to the next pay cycle.

Another exciting deal is the “refer a friend program”.  Anytime someone signs up from your referral you will automatically get $5.00 for the first person, $5.00 for the second person with a $45.00 bonus to make a grand total of $50.00, and $100.00 for the third.  Continue with referrals and the balance grows.  This particular offer ends at 11:59:59pm on 12/31/15; however, they are regularly introducing new referral programs to make it fun and exiting.

What are you waiting for?  Sign-up, it’s quick and easy; just follow the steps above, then watch your cash back balance grow as you make purchases at your favorite shopping sites!  If you have questions, please comment or send me a message. I would be very happy to help you!

EBATES has become a household name but I’ve discovered that many people I talk to do not know exactly how it functions or what it does–but now you are in the know!!

Here is the link for EBATES to get you started.  A friend of mine saved money on a Toby Mac concert tickets with clicking on EBATES, then selected Groupon.  She went straight to the sight and got her fantastic deal!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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