Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? – Chicken Harness Fun

Chicken Leash

Butterfinger Tries on Her New Chicken Harness and Leash!

A Fun Friday Review and Laugh!

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? I’ll get to that in a moment…

Yesterday, I walked into our local farm and feed store to pick up replacement heat lamps for my chickens.  I told my daughter I wanted to head over to the chicken section because I always like to see if they get something new that I can’t live without.

OH MY GOSH… they had chicken harnesses and leashes!!!  I was overjoyed and ecstatic like a kid in a candy store at my fascinating discovery!

Besides literally jumping up and down; I started immediately daydreaming of taking my chickens on walks around my neighborhood.  I also pictured 14 chickens on harnesses and leashes surrounding me as we all walked perfectly.  All my chickens walking around the block, while knowing exactly where to go and how to act.  Okay, that was a bit of a stretch, but the thought crossed my mind for a second and made me laugh.  Bottom line, I couldn’t contain my excitement.  Yes, I was the annoying customer who was talking to everyone around me in the store telling them what a great time I was about to have walking a chicken.  You would have thought it was Friday and it’s still only Thursday!  The employees in the store thought I went mad, but between you and me I think they are getting use to it as they get to know me.

All I could do was imagine walking a chicken.  The thought cracks me up and just put me into hysterics.

They even had different sizes–ranging from pullets, hens and roosters.  I chose pullet since my chickens are 13 weeks right now.  They also had color choices of black, pink, purple, blue and red.  I picked purple and bought both the harness and leash without hesitation.

I paid for them and praised the workers for ordering them; and of course told them they made my day!  I ran to my car and raced home–driving at a reasonable and legal speed, of course.  Wink, wink.

Chicken Leash

Butterfinger Trying Out Her New Chicken Harness and Leash.

I got home and threw it on one of my sweetest, docile chickens that wouldn’t mind me experimenting the new toys with her.  Her name is Butterfinger, and she is a mix of New Hampshire Red with Rhode Island Red.

The harness itself has a black squeeze snap to allow the wings to slide through the harness safely to allow the chickens freedom to move their wings without damage.  It also has an adjustable strap to allow for different sizes of chickens.

The harness did not come with instructions, but once you look at it, it’s pretty simple to figure it out.  I slid one wing through one of the openings, then put the harness over her head.  Last, I snapped the black squeeze snap under the second wing.  I made sure the harness was secure, but not too tight.  Easy!

I clipped on the leash and the first thing she did was lean forward.  Poor thing, it was almost like her head was too heavy to hold up.  I felt bad but realized that she just wasn’t use to it.

My opinion is if you start when they are younger you can train them.  I’ll have to keep that in mind for future chickens.  Remember, chickens aren’t stupid, they are just simple and definitely trainable.  They constantly make one laugh too!

I grabbed a handful of Happy Hen Mix and carried her outside.

By the way, please be mindful this is a treat mix.  It’s awesome and they love it, but it’s to be used in moderation.  Honestly, the chickens go nuts over it!

I sat her down and she had no clue what to do.  It was then that I realized the harness and leash is more of a safety thing and gives a sense of security.  I picked her up and started to carry her. I carried her the whole time on our walk while she just snacked on treats out of my hand. If she was a cat, I swear she was purring. She is either really lazy or just really smart; but she got lots of snuggles and I had a blast. I also noticed I felt safe having the harness and leash on her just in case a dog ran up to us or if we encountered a random situation, so it gave me peace of mind.

We got home and she was content to go right back in the hen house and join her chicken family.

To answer the question of, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”  The answer is, not to get to the other side. It’s to have her “Chicken Mamma” aka “me” carry her.

In a nutshell, the excitement and joy of taking a backyard chicken on a walk was well worth it. I also have more freedom to take my chickens places where I can have more control with them.

Here are the links on Amazon for the harness and leash!  Be sure to grab them before they are gone!!!  I think they would also make wonderful gifts for anyone that is a chicken lover!